1. Is a presentation of Project Glocal portfolio, including visiting artists portfolio which will happen at the beginning of the residency
  2. A thematic colloquy (focus group discussion or forum) which will revolve around the subject of cross-border collaboration, art as technology for social change, circumstances engineering for creatives. Documentation of this talk will be included in Stamped: Project Glocal catalogue of experience to be launched in December 2014.
  3. Art production via workshops that will be conducted by the participating artists.
  4. Exhibit of final output of workshops and/or documentation of the process on Digital Arts and Culture Festival in 2015.


AUGUST Day Time Activity Artists/Curators Venue

Weds. 10 am - 5 pm Open Studio "Portrait session" The Postcard Shop
        Anjo Bolarda (Ph)

21 Thurs 10 am - 9 pm Open Studio "Umbrella work" ChinaHouse
        Jaffa Lam (HK)

22 Fri 7.30- 10pm Talk Title: “Transient Penang: Heritage in Contemporary” Sekeping Victoria
        Anjo Bolarda (PH)  
        Jaffa Lam (HK)  
        Shih Tung Lo (TWN)  
        Suzy Sulaiman (MLY)  
        DayangYraola (PH)

23 Sat 9 am - 6pm Workshop* Artists for Stray Animals (ASA) Penang State Musuem
      (ages 10-15) Anjo Bolarda (PH)  
        Hailane Salam (MLY)

24 Sun 9am - 5pm Workshop* Jaffa Lam (HK) Penang State Musuem
      (ages 18-21) Shih Tung Lo (TWN)

27 Weds 10 am - 9 pm Open Studio Terence Lin (SG) ChinaHouse

27 Weds 7.30- 10pm Talk Title: “Project Glocal: Curators’ Collaborations with / in communities” ChinaHouse
        Rikey Cheng (TWN)  
        Marika B. Constantino (PH)  
        Suzy Sulaiman (MLY)  
        Dayang Yraola (PH)

28 Thurs 7.30 -10pm Talk Title: “Globalizing Local Cultures: Design Forum"

Sekeping Victoria
28 Thurs 10am - 9pm Open Studio Shih Tung Lo (TWN) 28Bahari
        Riza Manalo (guest:PH:AUS)

29 Fri 7.30- 10pm Talk Title: “Be(r)kongsi: Media and Urbanism” with Malaysian + Singaporean artists curators Sekeping Victoria
        Sssion I: Curators  
        1.     Fairuz Sulaiman (MLY)   
        2.     Suzy Sulaiman (MLY)  
        3.     Mak Wai Hoo (MLY)  
        4.     Yap Sau Bin (MLY)   
        5.     Fariz Hanapiah (MLY)  
        Session II: Artists  
        1.     Terence Lin (SIG)  
        2.     Kamal Sabran (MLY)  
        3.     Sarah Ameera (MLY)  
        4.     Aisyah Baharuddin (MLY)  
        5.     Syafiq Abdul Samat (MLY)  
        6.     Okui Lala (MLY)

30 Sat 9 am - 6 pm Workshop*  Terence Lin (SG) Penang State Musuem
      (ages 10-15) Kamal Sabran (MLY)

31 Sun 9 am - 1 pm Workshop*  SarahAmeera (MLY) Penang State Musuem
      (ages 10-15) Aisyah Baharuddin (MLY)

*Pre-registration + participant fee will be needed. We will update this again soon.