Digital Arts Media Interactive (since 2012) run by siblings, Suzy Sulaiman and Fairuz Sulaiman, DAM is an independent body that creates commissioned media projects for theater set designs, audio-visual performances and most noted for building projection mapping.  DAM was establishment after the successful DA+C Festival, a platform that showcased local creative talents in digital arts, which catered to greater acceptance of media-based art that was followed by a strong commercial demand. DAM fosters the idea of bringing together analogue and digital medium to create a fusion, as well as traditional and contemporary expressions into projects that are palatable to the general public.

Singapore International Foundation

The Singapore International Foundation aims to build enduring relationships between Singaporeans and world communities, harnessing these friendships to enrich lives and effect positive change. Their work is anchored in the belief that cross-cultural interactions provide insights that strengthen understanding. These exchanges inspire action and enable collaborations for good. Their programmes bring people together to share ideas, skills and resources to effect real change in areas such as healthcare, education, the environment, arts and culture, as well as livelihood and business.