Thursday, July 3, 2014

Artist/Curator Title Part 1

The local producers of this project wanted to share with all our partners around the world; the friendly and charming Penang that we know so dearly. So we decided to shoot a 4-episode video to introduce the artists + curators who'll be involved in It's done but we finally got it done. Shot over 4 gruelingly hot days in Penang, the crew worked hard to get the right views of George Town.Check out some of the behind-the-scenes photos! (All photo credits: Shannon Saw).

We discovered that our masks made the Penangites like us even more!

The most sporting Hat auntie seller on Campbell street. She agreed to be part of our production.

Murai, played by Zul, wonders the morning markets looking for breakfast.

Our director, Haziq, handles the camera for better shots.

Haziq directing Suzy in the Postcard Shop.

Given a pep-talk by the director to both actors at the Spice Garden.

Woah. It's hard to be "romantic" in the romantic scene when you have a box over your head. And most of the times you can't see where you're going.

We will release the other 3 episodes in due time. In the mean time, enjoy the 1st video thats out!

Transi(en)t Penang/Artist Curator Titles 2014

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